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National Academy of Science Comments

Some of you have asked what I said today to the National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council.  They originally asked Alonzo Plough to speak and he, who was not in town today, asked me to represent him.  Here are my … Continue reading

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Zombies Apocalypse–We May be Prepared But are We Resilient?

A sense of humor goes a long way in this business and the CDC shows they have it with their new blog post on zombie preparedness recommendations. ( In this post self-sufficiency remains an important component of the resilience framework, … Continue reading

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All You Need to Read in the Journals

Hobfoll’s “Limits of Resilience” article in Social Science and Medicine, is  a great study (if you ignore the complicated statistics) because they followed over 1000 Palestinians through the Intifada. Charting depression and PTSD symptom trajectories, they identified factors predicting resilience most … Continue reading

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Will There Be a CBO Backlash?

The ‘resilience movement’ considers partnerships between government and community organizations essential to creating disaster resilient communities. And now some states are going to revoke their tax exemptions and levy new fees on them ( I think PREPostrophiles should examine this … Continue reading

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The Trend Is Your Friend

PREPostrophiles, don’t you love when a conference invigorates your work?  I attended a research conference on community resilience that charged me up again.  The Veterans Health Administration’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Program Evaluation and Research Conference in Alexandria, VA just let … Continue reading

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