We’ll Blind Them With Science!

(prepostrophes. pl.noun |priˈpäststrəfēs| the symbols drawn in thin air when people want to “emphasize” a word or expression and use both hands to make invisible “quote marks” in space. Source: Urban Dictionary)

Join me.  Let’s bring the frontiers of social science into disaster studies.  Let’s shine the lights of human behavior research into the fog of disaster preparedness.  Let’s use the tools of health services research to improve public health preparedness.  Social psychology, health psychology, economics, and political science–join in!  Medical sciences and natural sciences–come on down!

This is PREPostrophes.  I am going to spotlight and emphasize the areas where the sciences can, do and should intersect with preparing for catastrophes, disasters and emergencies.

I’ll post relevant research and expand on its conclusions.  I’ll share irrelevant research and mull over its implications.  I’ll speechify about the known unknowns.  And maybe I’ll  unearth some of the unknown unknowns (thanks Mr. Rumsfeld).


About David Eisenman

I'm a physician and public health/health services researcher. I want to bring these perspectives to understanding disaster resilience.
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