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Peat Wildfire Linked to Cardio-Pulmonary Emergency Department Visits

An EPA study shows for the first time that smoke from a peat bog wildfire (decayed vegetable matter found in swampy areas) can lead to an increase in emergency room visits for both respiratory and cardiovascular effects. Meanwhile, the Los … Continue reading

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The Big One Will Bankrupt You, Not Kill You

Resilience is about our community’s health.  And nothing is more important than jobs to our community’s health.  So we should be concerned, very concerned, by the  U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics report released today. The once-per-century-Big-One may kill only as many … Continue reading

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Jonathan Fielding Asks About Resilience

Jonathan Fielding, LA County’s Public Health Director is a very smart man. Here is what he said today:  The National Health Security Strategy’s community resilience aims has “so many pieces that are difficult to operationalize.”  Here are examples he gave: … Continue reading

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Map Your Neighborhood?

Have any of you PREPostrophytes done the Map Your Neighborhood program? It received an award from FEMA and appears simple to do.  Please tell us your experience with it.

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Preventing the Ultimate Disaster

Nuclear disarmament: Move the base camp | The Economist.

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