These Doctors Are In

Keep an eye on the National Physicians Alliance.  They include “civic engagement” among the principles they stand for.   Here’s one example from their website that is relevant to building resilience:

The NPA is a founding member of Rx Democracy, a national nonpartisan network of more than 18 national and regional groups representing America’s best clinicians, health professionals and students. Together with concerned citizens’ groups, this network helps patients and those who care for them to have a voice in their health care and their community.  We partner with civic organizations to provide opportunities for nonpartisan voter and civic engagement in health care settings and beyond.

Those of us looking for support in resilience building may find support in this group:

If you have an idea for a local project or pilot program that shares the NPA’s vision, we want to enable your success.  If you are already working on projects that resonate with the NPA’s mission, we want to help.  If you’re simply frustrated, we want to connect you with docs who share your feelings and are ready to do something about them


About David Eisenman

I'm a physician and public health/health services researcher. I want to bring these perspectives to understanding disaster resilience.
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