Jonathan Fielding Asks About Resilience

Jonathan Fielding, LA County’s Public Health Director is a very smart man. Here is what he said today:  The National Health Security Strategy’s community resilience aims has “so many pieces that are difficult to operationalize.”  Here are examples he gave:

  1. “Prevent, withstand, and mitigate the stress of a health incident”; How much mitigation? What is stress?
  2. “Recover in a way that restores the community to a state of self-sufficiency and at least the same level of health and social functioning after a health incident”; when has a community reached self-sufficiency again? What is the time-span for this to occur? How do we know the “new normalcy” when it arrives?
  3. “Use knowledge from a past response to strengthen the community’s ability to withstand the next health incident”; what will count as strengthening? How much withstanding must be achieved? Again, what is the timespan here?

About David Eisenman

I'm a physician and public health/health services researcher. I want to bring these perspectives to understanding disaster resilience.
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